7 Facebook Advertising Errors Every Marketer Commits

There are about 2.7 billion internet users on social networks, and almost everyone has an account on at least one of the major social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Pinterest.

Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms worldwide, with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. Brands marketing on this platform can be sure that their target audience logs in at least once a day. Taking advantage of the large number of users to create leads and involve with the target audience should be the primary objective of every brand seeking to expand their business using the platform.

How then do these brands reach out to the target audience in a way that effectively benefits their business? It all goes down to having top-notch Facebook marketing. To ensure that your advertising succeeds and you reap those benefits from it, the following are some of Facebook advertising errors every marketer commits and how you can avoid them.

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1. Targeting an Audience that’s too broad

A common error with paid advertising is going too large with the targeted audience. It is common for marketers to think that everybody using Facebook is a potential customer, but that, unfortunately, is not the case.  It is no surprise then that a good number of people who see those ads do not respond as hoped if they do respond at all. Marketers should realistically determine the number of people to target with their brand or product.

A potential audience of about 500k- 1.5 million is a reasonable number to start with many e-commerce businesses. If your audience is too broad, try narrowing it down by targeting geographic areas, gender, or age ranges. If it is too small, try adding interests to create a large pool of users.

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2. Trying to Test Everything at the Same Time

Trying out multiple versions of a campaign to gauge which one performs the best is an obvious strategy many marketers do. One mistake many of them do is not leaving a baseline to measure from.

To curb this, you need to establish a foundation, and then make one change at a time. For example, elements like text body, heading, picture, and placement should be tested separately. Avoid making the changes all at once because you will not know which one made the difference.

3.Choosing the Wrong Type of Ad

Facebook offers various types of ads, which often becomes a problem for marketers, who usually pick the wrong ad for and fail to get the desired response. Figure out your audience and come up with a creative ad to improve your results. Here are some tips to help:

  • Consider using emojis to add personality and visual elements.
  • Collect social proofs like comments and shares when you run an ad to make it robust.
  • Create multiple clickthrough opportunities with clinks and products tags
  • Have a focal point in video thumbnail, image, or copy that grabs the eye.

4. Failing to Monitor Ads Consistently

Facebook has a set of automatic tools, and it can be tempting to sit back and let the campaign run itself while you run other aspects of your business.

Monitoring your campaign is crucial in ensuring success. Consistently monitor the numbers and comments to confirm or gauge that your ad is running, as it should. Avoid using the same content for the same audience as it becomes annoying.

5. Dismissing Video as a Marketing Strategy

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With the large number of content posted online, it’s easy for most of them to get lost in the midst. While posts that include links and images have shown a decline in audience interaction, video posts have increased on the same.  Research shows that the target audience is likely to interact more with video posts, which significantly boosts any marketing brand.

Making an online course will help produce everything your business needs. The video lesson maker and online learning software could be the only missing link to a successful online campaign for your business.

Every marketer should consider creating video-based ads for a successful online marketing presence.

6. Failing to use Facebook Advertising

Facebook likes to marketers are like vanity metric nowadays.  Due to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, only 5{ba0a9a3e15355dd97c9749cb9a24ec6f5ef05feff25622efecfa17819de82733} of posts reach the audience.

Marketers should use these two strategies to reach their audience:

  • Posting high-quality posts consistently
  • Artificially increasing reach by regularly boosting posts

Boosting posts is a cost-effective strategy in delivering range. It also increases engagement significantly, which improves the likelihood of your audience seeing your next post, organically.

7. Making Rapid Future Advertising Plans

Many marketers make the mistake of assuming that their audience will not change the brand’s perception before the campaign is over. They then plan their campaign too far in advance that leads to problems.

There are also reasons that could make a brand pull out of Facebook as an advertising platform, especially so when there is a breach of privacy.


Facebook marketing requires creativity, strategy, and staying ahead with the latest tools available. Avoid these Facebook marketing errors for a successful online marketing campaign.

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