Latest News of Social Media Marketing – February 2018

Another month means a new set of changes in the world of social media marketing. We collected for you the major updates and news this February 2018 that you may possibly overlook on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

  1. Twitter

Twitter Discontinues Supporting its Mac App this March 2018.

A few weeks from now, Twitter’s inconsistent support for Mac application will be terminated. This announcement was made on February 15, 2018. Before they pulled out the Mac App, the social media platform had a user rating of 1.7 out of five in the App Store. For the full Twitter experience on Mac, Twitter Support recommended using Twitter on the web, which IOS users accepted terribly.

Twitter Will Be Introducing New Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS.

The company officially announced that they will introduce keyboard shortcuts for iOS. The devices that have attached keyboards will be able to navigate the Twitter app quickly using these new keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, they will also toggle night mode, send a Direct Message, switch, and scroll easily.

Twitter Set New Rules to Avoid Services and Applications from using Automation Tool

Actually, the main priority of Twitter is to keep their platform free from spam. But there are still users who are using automation tools just to automate their accounts to earn more followers and gain more popularity. With these reasons, Twitter decided to set new rules wherein if a certain user attempts to use any automation tool just to disseminate and post spam this will result in implementation action.

  1. Facebook

Facebook Created a New Set of Policy to Effectively Ban Ads of Some Financial Products

Facebook prohibits cryptocurrency ads

Facebook created a new policy that prohibits ads of binary options, initial coin offerings (ICO), and cryptocurrency. Such financial products as ICO, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin have all appeared in the mainstream which followed a massive number of scams. Facebook wants their users to continue learning and discovering their services and products without fear of scams or deception.

Facebook will soon allow targeting British users based on their religious or political views.

The move could raise concerns that radical groups may easier target certain politically aggressive groups with propaganda of extremism. On the other hand, the Facebook representative guaranteed that Facebook policies will remove any advertising that appeared to be malicious to a certain group.

Facebook expands the ability to apply to jobs directly on Facebook

Job seekers in more than 40 countries can now use Facebook to search and apply for interview at local businesses.

Facebook Made Adding Family and Friends to Video and Audio Chats Easier

Until recently, to turn a one-on-one video or audio chat into a group chat was possible only after you hang up and start a new conversation from your inbox. With this new feature, you can do it without interrupting the conversation.

Facebook made it easier for developers to build better 3D content

From now on Facebook supports the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format for Facebook 3D posts. This means artists and designers can create richer and better 3D content on Facebook.

Facebook Made Ad Metrics Clearer To Understand

Facebook started labeling some metrics in Ads Manager as estimated or in development. Also, Facebook provided explanations for some metrics, on how they are calculated and how to use them. Also, they removed approximately 20 ad metrics that marketers reported as outdated and not actionable.

And the last, Facebook is planning to release a Subscription tool on iOS that is very useful for publishers.

  1. Instagram

Instagram Code Discloses Unreleased Video and Voice Calling

There are unconfirmed rumors, that Instagram plans to become your mobile phone rather than being a camera and in such way to outplay Snapchat. These not released functions were found in the app, though they are not yet out. Nevertheless, if these features will become successful, it will become a bigger warning for Snapchat.

Instagram Will Notify a User if a Screenshot of their Story is taken

Instagram is testing the function to let users know when somebody takes a screenshot of their Instagram Story. However, the feedback from users was contradictory. Some still want to stay anonymous.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat Offers Creators an Admission to Audience Analytics

Snapchat creators can now get access to analytics statistics regarding their audiences such as demographics, story views, and engagements. However, this feature is only accessible for individuals who are involved in the program known as Snapchat’s Official Stories. Snapchat creators who want to grow their brands will be able to study and analyze their audience perceptions.

Snapchat’s newest 3D Friendmojis are now in Virtual Versions

Today, Snapchat is driving new AR (Augmented Reality) feature in the way of an innovative World lens. Since it is now on its virtual version the newest 3D Friendmojis will not only let the user move around in a 3D version of themselves from real life but to add another character.

Even though this social media platform started as an application for sharing photos, there is no doubt that it turned out to be great in the past couple of years.

Snapchat is now Supporting GIPHY’s Animated GIFs

Snapchat Gifs as Stickers

GIPHY animated GIFs can now be added to your snaps in the form of stickers. Snapchat users can search using their own keywords or select from the recommended options. However, aside from supporting animated GIFs, Snapchat has also planned to include additional tabs on the Discover and Friends Screen. The animated GIFs are currently accessible in the most recent Snapchat update on Android and iOS.

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