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When starting a business, most new owners spend little if any time pondering the copy on their website that’s waiting to come to life. With so much to take care of, from budgeting, forecasting, marketing, all the way to HR and finding the best candidates for your new company, it’s no wonder website copy falls very far down the list of priorities. However, as the date of the launch approaches, you know that for one, there is no website without a copy, and on an even more relevant note, subpar content can not only deter visitors from exploring your pages, but also cause legal disputes.

Now that we have your attention, let’s go over of some of the most vital website pages and their content you need to take into consideration as you’re embarking on your new professional adventure. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, and that each industry comes with its own different expectations, so make sure to do your research and discover what you need to add to keep your website protected and your customers happy!

The good old home page

You know the importance of first impressions. So, consider your home page, as the most common landing page your users and potential clients see first, the very first impression you wish to make. Everything from the colors, fonts, and text you use will define how your website visitors respond to your brand.

Use this page to introduce yourself, to explain what your business does, and to make sure that your visitors know where they want to go next once they learn who you are. It’s also vital that your website, including your home page loads lightning-fast, and offers a smooth, sleek experience.

The legal pages

Somewhere, your business attorney is sighing with relief as you finally recognize the relevance of adding these detailed, but necessary pages to your website. You might think that no one ever reads them, and while most customers will only skim through them, they are essential for ensuring that your business is legally protected and that your customers know their responsibilities as well as your own for using your website.

You can easily use customizable business document templates such as a privacy policy and the terms and conditions page, that you can tweak to your particular needs, so there’s no need to write one from scratch. Also consider adding any disclaimers, trademarks, and corporate policies that your business should put forward in a transparent manner.

Your services and products described

Even though minimalism is indeed beautiful, and you’ll find many brands choosing to stick to a bare minimum of a few pages, you still need to make sure your audience understands what your business is about. This is where your services page is vital in elaborating on your services, or a dedicated products page for each and every category of products you intend to sell.

A dedicated contact page

Hopefully, upon learning all there is to learn about your brand, some of your website visitors will be eager to get in touch with you and even ask for a quote. For this very reason, building a separate contact page can make things simple for your busy users, so that they don’t have to search for your contact details somewhere in your biography.

Reviews and testimonials

Since we live in the era of online shopping and socializing, a new trend that is very beneficial for business owners has surfaced: reviews are the go-to way to inspire new customers to come your way. Put up a separate page with quotes written and approved by your previous and current customers, and your credibility will skyrocket. This approach lets you build trust with new customers, and inspire the old ones to come back to your brand.

Your creative outlet – your blog

No matter your industry, every online consumer is always eager to get something for free, and when it comes to your blog, it’s a perfect opportunity to share your expertise, tips, advice, and guides free of charge. That promise of value and the connection you establish might be the key reason people will return for another subscription for your services, or recommend your business to their friends.

Keep them educated, entertained, and informed, and of course, use the latest trends to keep up with the tempo of innovation in your field. Sharing your views from conferences or workshops can serve as inspiration to some people, and you’ll position yourself as an authority in your own niche.

A helpful FAQ page for your users

While you’ll always need stellar customer service agents, especially if you work with multitudes of clients from all over the globe, creating a FAQ page can reduce the load from your customer service significantly. Why? Because most of the questions people will ask your agents could probably be answered within a matter of moments and could fit on a single page.

This is a perfect preemptive strategy to reduce unnecessary calls and emails, and your customers will find it helpful as they navigate your website.

Your website serves as your main point of contact with your customers and your entire audience from the online world. Make sure to use these vital components of your web presence to leave an excellent impression and provide your visitors with everything they need to fall madly in love with your brand – and the rest is up to you!


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