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If you are here there are high chances that you are looking to resize images online. After all, a good image is worth more than a 1000 words and it is important to make sure those words look neat and precise. I use Windows on my computer and I have not yet been able to find a tool to resize images. Not only resize, but I usually need to crop or convert the format of these images too. I have been relying on online tools to do this task but there are very few such good tools available. One such tool that I want to share with you today is ResizeMyImg.

ResizeMyImg is a specialized image resizing tool available for free use. You can resize a single image, resize a batch of images or resize images for Facebook cover or Twitter profile Header. Let us see how to use this free image resize online tool for a single image:

Step 1 – Open the website link.

Step 2 – Click on the area in the bordered rectangle below “From Computer heading”.


 ResizeMyImg tool for resizing images online

Step 3 – Select an image you want to resize.

Step 4 – Once the image is uploaded, you can see it a little below the heading “Adjust your image (crop and rotate):”. You now need to decide if you want some extra editing options before resizing. One can rotate to left or right, flip horizontally or vertically, set the aspect ratio from portrait mode to landscape and even set for Facebook cover photo or Twitter profile header picture. 

example image resize online

Step 5 – Resize your image. You now need to decide how you want to resize the image. You can reduce the image by the default option of 25{ba0a9a3e15355dd97c9749cb9a24ec6f5ef05feff25622efecfa17819de82733}, 50{ba0a9a3e15355dd97c9749cb9a24ec6f5ef05feff25622efecfa17819de82733} or 75{ba0a9a3e15355dd97c9749cb9a24ec6f5ef05feff25622efecfa17819de82733} or you can give a custom size in percentage or pixels. The percentage or pixels is configurable in both dimensions of height and width and the aspect ratio is calculated automatically.

Step 6 – Once you have decided the image size, you can also now decide the image quality you want, the maximum image size you need and the image type – GIF, PNG or JPG.

resize image tool screenshot

Step 7 – Since configuring image is done, click on the Download button to get your processed image.


ResizeMyImg is an easy to use tool that gets the task done quickly. It’s one of the best tools for blog authors who need to resize the images once their reviews are complete. It is a great tool for logo designers who can make use of its social features for resizing the Facebook cover picture and Twitter profile header. In other words, it’s perfect for everyone in every field if you want to resize images online. Once the image designing is complete follow the steps above and make sure the image is perfect edited for your needs.

Rob Boirun
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