Event SEO: 4 Ways to Make Your Event Easy to Find

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Hosting or sponsoring an event can be a daunting task. There are a lot of factors to take care of and get every detail done accordingly in order to ensure the event’s success. Aside from all that, you have to make your event visible so that you can improve awareness about the event itself and ensure that there’ll be proper attendance.

In today’s digital world, building both awareness and the visibility for your event is conducted online for the most part. In other words, you need to develop a digital marketing campaign for your event. Fortunately, as far as visibility goes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can greatly help you out in this endeavor.

However, SEO can not only help out with visibility for your event. As a matter of fact, it will complement your entire online promotion and help you reach enough people, as well as sell enough tickets for the event. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your event easy to find with the help of SEO.

Rank for the proper keywords

As you may already know, your SEO efforts depend on your keyword strategy. Ranking for the right keywords allows you to make your event easily findable by matching the keywords with user intent. In other words, researching what your target audience would type in their browsers when looking for an event and ranking for those keywords is crucial.

Keywords are also the foundation for your other SEO efforts. As an example, search engines won’t display exact matches for keyword search like they used to but instead display the most relevant content based on their algorithm processing. That’s why you need to develop good content for your event and match it with your keywords. But before that, you must opt for relevant short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Develop an event page on your website

In order for your SEO efforts to work properly, you must develop an event page or several pages on your website specifically designed for the event itself. That’s where your leads will land as a result of your SEO activities. These pages must contain every relevant information regarding the event, as well as an option to buy tickets, which is also an essential aspect of your event management process.

If your pages aren’t well-designed and well-optimized, your leads will simply bounce off when they land on your event page. That’s why it’s important specifically develop and design pages for your event promotion. What’s more, you’ll have to fill your pages with relevant content so that your visitors can explore further and inform themselves about your event.

Optimize event pages for SEO

Now you’re getting to the fun and quite demanding part, which is optimizing pages for SEO. If you want your event to be visible online, you’ll have to pay special detail to page optimization. As an example, here are a few things you should do.

  • Optimize title tags – Title tags help search engines understand what your page is about and these tags are displayed in the search results to further help users understand what your page is about. It’s very important to include your keywords in the first 50 or 60 characters of your title tag for each page.
  • Optimize meta description – Meta descriptions give context and content to your pages for both search engines and users. In other words, it’s a summary of your page’s content. You must also include keywords in meta descriptions to make them more visible and SEO friendly.
  • SEO friendly URLs – An URL is a web address for your page. It should tell both search engines and users where the link will take them. For instance, https://www.yourwebsite.com/event/venue/ is an SEO friendly URL. You must optimize these as well to further improve visibility for your event.

Content marketing

Content is king in the marketing world and it’s also a vital component in your SEO strategies. Content can educate and inform your audience about your event, as well as generate traffic for your website. You must develop high-quality content that’s highly relevant for your event and publish it across various media channels, such as your blog, website, social media platforms, etc. Content will generate exposure and help improve your SEO rankings, while also helping you generate more organic leads and organic website traffic originating from various sources.

Good content can also help you generate inbound, outbound and internal links, which is also quite beneficial for your SEO efforts. As an example, guest posting on relevant websites that link back to you builds authority and awareness. In addition, when you’re giving press releases or interviews about your event, you should try to get an inbound link for your event page. That way, you improve the overall visibility and awareness for your event.

Leveraging SEO to make your event more visible is an excellent strategy. People will likely turn towards the online world to research anything that’s of any interest to them. If your event is visible online, it’s more likely that it will be quite a success after all.


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