10 Ways to Start Link Building Career While Studying

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The world is moving towards digital and companies are now more inclined to have a website. If a potential customer is looking for a product, chances are they will first hop onto Google to search. While you are working on your law school personal statement essays, you can start working in link building. Most of these positions are filled on a freelance basis, which gives you a lot of flexibility. Students cannot work a 9-5 job while attending classes full-time.

Your job as a link builder will be to connect the main website to others. Of course, the websites you are linking to are carefully selected. While you are still trying to qualify through your studies, it might be a good idea to start working part-time. By the time you are officially on the job market, you are able bring some experience to the table.


  • Form good relationships


In order for you to have a career in link building, you have to start building relationships. Put yourself out there and start with the marketing process. This won’t take away too much of your time, but it will become valuable when your studies are done.


  • Be active on social media


You are going to be working online for most of the time. Make sure you have a strong online presence. One way to do so is by being active on social media. You never know who you will run into online.


  • Start your own blog


Show off some of your skills by starting your own blog. When you want to be a SEO link building expert, you are going to need some samples of your work. Using your blog as a sample is by far the most brilliant way.


  • Do some work for free


Work for a company without charging. You can ask for a reference once you are done. It does not matter if it is a food website or a statement checker. Just collect as many references as you can. This is also a good way to practice.


  • Do a guest post


Guest posting has not disappeared. It is still a valid way to create backlinks. Simply start by asking the webmaster if they would allow you to create a post for their blog or site. Don’t write about the company you are trying to link the website to. Instead, provide informative content for the audience.


  • Celebrity posts


Writing about celebrities is a great strategy to have a post go viral. The bonus is that you can usually get a lot of links writing about them. With a high amount of searches done on certain celebs, your traffic will increase, as well as the amount of links.


  • Choose a niche


Just like writers have to choose a specific niche, so do you. This will help you focus on which websites to target with a proposal. It can be as specific as personal statement titles. There really is no criteria here. You just choose a niche you are passionate about and stick with it.


  • Infographics


People like visuals a lot more than a block of text. Using an infographic to draw the audience in is a great strategy used by web hosts. You can do the same.


  • Anchor Text


If you want a career in link building, you have to familiarize yourself with anchor text. Google is quick to identify these and you can increase the traffic to a post by using anchor text. It’s not as easy as using a keyword in your content, so it is definitely a new skill you should learn.


  • High-quality writing


At the end of the day, if you want to be a link builder, you have to write good quality content. You are not going to come up on Google’s first page if your writing is poor. Most link building experts are familiar with all the SEO rules and are great writers.

Why to choose link building as a career?

A lot more people are taking advantage of the opportunities the internet gave. Many of these people are making a success out of working on the net. You can freelance a variety of jobs and with hard work, make it a success.

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