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Tesla Spasex starman over earth 0

Tesla in the Space: SpaceX launch of the Starman

The iconic photo of Neil Armstrong by his companion astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is upright on the moon’s surface has constantly been the essence of iconic happenings in space film-making. On the other hand,...

SEO Ahrecalypse 2

New Ahrefs Domain Rating or SEO Ahrecalypse

A website’s Domain Rating (DR) plays an important role in SEO. A lot of Seos track DR very thoroughly and become nervous once it drops at least a bit. On the February 2d, this...

Structured Data Markup 0

Structured Data Markup & Why it matters in 2018

In 2018 structured data markup (rich snippets) strongly influences the search result. More and more sites with rich snippets can be seen among top 10 Google pages. It occurred because snippets (picture and explanatory...