How To Diversify Your Content Strategy

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Never put all your eggs in one basket, the old saying goes. Or was it kittens? Regardless, when it comes to content, if it’s all in the same type of media, you might risk being seen as a one-trick pony. Diversity is the spice of life, after all, and the same goes for your content strategy. In today’s world, there are many more options for you than a simple text on a web page, even if it looks really sharp and is a good read. Let us look at what’s available.

Video killed the radio star

With the rise of YouTube and the influencers on it, video content has become more important than ever. Even if you produce mostly written content, it is very important to have some video produced at least once a month. If you wanted to, you could produce only video content and still have huge success with it. The best part is, you can scale it according to your needs – you can use your phone for quick dabs at live blogging, or any kind of “talking head” video providing quick updates or you can go full on, with a team dedicated to anything from light, sound, filming and editing. That is the beauty of video content – you can always find your style and it can look good even on the cheap.

Get that info on those graphics

Yes, yes, infographics can be tricky to make, they require work and know-how, but they also look awesome in any kind of content. If you are unsure of the whys and the hows, you can always check with the professional content design agency like Persuaders, but let us lay out some groundwork for you. Make sure you have a compelling title for it – tell people why they want to look at all these nice colors and numbers. Tell a story – lead the reader to a conclusion. Choose the right type for the data you have gathered – there is a lot to choose from (pie charts, column graphs, line charts). Sometimes it is better to include pictures, sometimes photos do it more justices. In the end, try and make something that appeals to you primarily – if it’s not fun for you, why even do it?

Are you social media hip?

This is not strictly about the content, but more about its presentation. Yes, you are probably present at all the heavy-hitting social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Perhaps you dabble in Pinterest or Snapchat. However, everyone else is there as well. To truly differentiate yourself, you need to go deeper – be on the lookout for all the new things that the kids like, because one of them will be the next big thing, there’s just very little way to find out which. That is why you have to experiment. Sometimes, they will go the way of Vine, other times they will be the new TikTok.

Keep those guests blogging

This is nothing new, of course, but guest-blogging is a good way of getting awesome new content, written by new people, with views and styles different from yours. Of course, you can always get some star writers and influencers, who will share their blogs to their followers and help you gain more exposure, however, guest blogging is just as useful for keeping the content fresh. Besides, it is always cool to be able to provide some aspiring writers a platform to hone their trade. Who knows, perhaps they will propel your content to an even higher level.

Influence your content

Speaking of sharing content, what better way to get some new views and followers than getting help for influencers? They already have a platform of their own and they might be looking to diversify as well. Or they could help you get into a new platform where they rule supreme. In many ways, influencers today are the direct line to people, and we all know that there is nothing better than word of mouth to get your message across. A nice mention from an influential persona might even help to improve your image, if such a thing is needed for some reason. Reputation management at its finest.

In the end, it is up to you in which direction you would like to take your content in the future, simply be aware that there are many more avenues to use other than text itself. In the age when everyone is producing tons of content every day, it is more important than ever to stand out, whether by changing the platform, type of content or hiring some fresh faces to keep it interesting. Why not all of them at once? The (content) world is your oyster, you can make your own rules, so why don’t you?

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