How customer support can help improve your SEO

customer support

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. So if you want your business to grow to new heights you have to pay special attention to the needs of your customers. If you fail to do this, they are likely going to turn to your competition.

Having a good customer service is going to have a positive impact on your business’ success. Gone are the days when businesses can hide their mistakes. The online world leaves no room for businesses to hide. With a click of a button, customers can find everything they want to know about any business organization. One negative review or comment can cause serious problems for any business. This can damage both reputation and rankings. But all these pains could be avoided if you properly set up your customer support workflow.

Before making a big business move or starting a campaign, you have to give a careful consideration to your customer support. Doing this will prevent you from making regrettable mistakes and arriving at a false conclusion.

In this article, we are going to look at how customer support can affect your SEO and how you can effectively use your customer support system to boost your rankings.

No matter how wonderful your product or services may be; before a customer makes a purchase he is going to do some research to learn more about your business. A study shows that 89{ba0a9a3e15355dd97c9749cb9a24ec6f5ef05feff25622efecfa17819de82733} of customers use popular search engines to find information about products and services before making a purchase. This statistics shows why it is important to have a good online reputation. If your customer service is attentive, professional and efficient, your online reputation is going to be spotless.

As a business owner, it is going to be impossible for you to have an excellent online reputation if your customer service doesn’t have a high standard. Business giants like Amazon are thriving because they have a very high standard. Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) once sent a letter to the shareholders of Amazon stressing the importance of having a high standard. In the same light, if you want to succeed you need to have a ridiculously high standard.

Granted, poor customer service can affect the growth of a business. But, do you know that it also affects the online presence and ranking of that business? Numerous studies have shown that online reviews can have a negative impact on a site’s rankings. So, if you don’t provide the best of service to your customers, your ranking is going to be affected (negatively).

Of course, you can implement good SEO campaigns to boost your rankings, but if you don’t pay attention to other variables, your efforts are going to go down the drain.

Google is designed to show users the best websites around. In order to do this effectively, it runs through thousands of websites and ranks them. Google does not only look at the quality of your website or your blog posts, it also looks at your online reviews and comments. So if you have good reviews online, you are going to rank better.

Since you now know how an excellent customer service boosts the ranking and online presence of any business, it is critical that you understand the techniques that you can use to keep your online reputation positive.

Having a good online reputation is no accident; you have to work hard consistently. You also have to implement a good reputation management strategy. If you are able to do this effectively, you will be able to monitor everything that is being said about your business. Knowing what your customers have to say about your business will help you identify things you are doing wrong and help you make changes.

We are now going to be looking at some effective ways to boost your customer service.

Instant communication

Set up a customer service Facebook page or Twitter account. Communication on these platforms should go back and forth without any hindrance. Doing this will give your customers the assurance that you care about them and that you are ready to help them. Yes, you may be left with a lot of queries if you do this, but it going to have a positive impact on your business. When your customers see that you are actively dealing with their issues, they are going to know that you genuinely care about them. If you really want to make sure your clients have a great experience, consider installing a theme like TicketLab which will instantly transform your WordPress site or sub-domain into a support system for your clients.

Live Chat

This is a perfect window for your customers to ask questions regarding your products and services and get answers swiftly. See, customers don’t like to be placed in telephone queues or wait endlessly for their email to be responded to. They want their questions to be answered quickly.

Installing a live chat system on your website is an excellent way to ensure that the issues of your customers are resolved quickly and effectively. You can also choose to set up a feedback system. Doing this will make your customers feel that their opinions matter. And this will ultimately give you insights into ways you can improve your business.

Walk in the shoes of your clients

See your business through the eyes of your customers. Look at your landing page and ask yourself how smooth it is. Know the section of your site that can be made better. When you think like your customers, you will be able to figure out ways to make them happy with the services you are rendering. You can find some more useful resources about how to properly manage a small business in this post on the blog

Final note

As a business person, you have to know that the quality of your customer service can make or break not only your business but also your ranking. To rank well, you need to have a high standard and keep looking for ways to make things easier for your customers. If you are able to do this your business will grow from height to height.

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