The 16 Most Notable Content Marketing Pitfalls – Overcoming the Challenges

content marketing pitfalls

Published on, the global B2C e-commerce market in the year 2013 amounted to good 1.2 Trillion U.S. dollars. Thus, it is pretty evident that the inception of content-based marketing in businesses was always there, even five years back from today’s date.

Content marketing is indeed a huge domain. It is certainly to be mentioned that with each passing day, and a rising demand in the field of contemporary business along with the emergence of e-commercialization across the globe, content marketing is truly a pillar of success that every business firm needs to erect for growth and prosperity, at least in the virtual world.

However, talking about content marketing, well, it is to be noted that content used in the process of pitching business ideas is certainly of greater importance. It is, after all, the very foundation of online communication.

We should also acknowledge the fact that challenges in terms of content promotion and reaching out to the target audience, even content marketers face several technical glitches and other issues that tend to create challenges in their path.

Here is a list of those prospective areas that create challenges for content marketers on various occasions, along with actionable points that can be considered as a remedy.

Challenges Faced By The Content Strategists

Content strategists often end up facing several dilemmas, which at the end of the day affect their job to a large extent. Here’s what they face most of the times.

  1. The most crucial challenge faced by the content strategist is an unclear point of view regarding the consumer behavior (what exactly their clients are looking for).
  2. The second most challenging area of the task is coming up with the perfect idea and strategy that will suit the business model.
  3. Challenges concerning content creation strategies and coming up with a structure that sells well.

Solution:  The first and foremost thing to be done in this matter is to take note of the clients’ brief thoroughly and put some extra effort to get into their shoes and develop a clear understanding of their mindset and behaviours. In addition to it, content strategists dealing with such issues can consider working in collaboration with the team of writers in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication at the workplace. Talking of solution, Lucidpress is an effective platform that the strategists can use to seek inspiration from. Cloud-based applications and tools are always beneficial and easier for busy professionals to use and operate.

Challenges Faced By The Content Writers

Content and Academic essay writers are the forerunners of this industry, and there’s no denying the fact. However, they do face challenges as well.

5. Firstly, it’s quite common among them to suffer from writer’s block that prevents them from producing quality content at times.

6. Secondly, writers can end up suffering from productivity issues. This is again inter-related to writer’s block with a mild contribution of other factors like stringent deadlines and work pressure.

7. Content writers at times tend to suffer from anxiety issue, which is mainly caused due to plagiarism mishaps, problems arising due to blind paraphrasing; so on and so forth.

8. On certain occasions, content writers find it tough or somewhat confusing to work in absolute synchronization with the SEO team. There is a major difference between regular content writing and SEO-based content writing.

Solution: As a remedy to these dilemmas, the writers can come up with an initiative to read more books during leisure, rather spending times in nothingness. The more you would read, the more you would get to learn and explore things imperative for your profession and creativity.

Writers suffering from plagiarism dilemmas should start putting enough effort in coming up with original ideas. They should use effective plagiarism detectors in order to figure out and rectify every single problematical area with perfection.

As far as SEO complications are concerned, well, content writers should move out of the comfort zone and explore the world of SEO writing and consider using keywords and phrases in their content that can help client websites get the desired Google ranking in the long run.

Challenges Faced By The Content Editors

The domain of content editing is undoubtedly the most crucial area. After all, they are probably the last person to check and release the final content to the SEO guys.

However, they too are subjected to certain challenges as discussed below.

9. They may face challenges while going through the rough contents submitted to them by the writers.

10. In most of the cases, content editors are the ones who are assigned with the job of coordinating a team or monitor the tasks which are assigned to the individual writers.

11. On certain occasions, content editors fall short of implementing effective strategies that can help them to manage a smooth-flowing work culture.

Solutions: While these points as discussed above are supposedly the most affected areas and points of concern among the content editors. They can opt for strategies such as developing managerial skills and learning the art of encouraging better coordination among team members in order to ensure uninterrupted workflow in office.

Challenges Faced by PR Executives

Also to be noted PR managers and executives are also intimately associated with the entire industry of content marketing. They are after all the most vital mediums of communication and responsible for strategizing, initiating and managing several marketing campaigns on behalf of the organizations. Nevertheless, they face challenges too.

12. They at times remain under some serious pressure of creating campaigns that can ensure the targeted ROI value end of the day. Strategizing a perfect campaign becomes a tough challenge to overcome at times.

13. The PR executives are also responsible for figuring out exact areas and platforms to share the content, which at times becomes a challenge for them to find out an ideal place that works well in terms of ROI.

Solutions: Thus, in order to solve such challenges and resume a smooth workflow, the PR managers and executives can opt for a productive brainstorming session and coordinate their strategies with the content strategists.

Challenges Faced by the Project Managers

Much astonished to read this? Yeah, that’s true, even project managers belonging to the domain of content marketing face challenges. Take a look below for a clearer insight.

14. Project managers face challenges concerning unclear communication with the employees, and clients as well.

15. When it comes to strategizing resource management, project managers are said to come under pressure. At times, they also end up with unclear or vague conclusions.

16. Processing and keeping records of all documents, along with proper filings are areas that can create challenges for the managers.

Solutions: The project managers can consider taking better initiatives and draft plans that work well for the business, when it comes to managing an entire team or in case of dealing with the stakeholders.

They should keep all ears and eyes open, take a look around and adopt strategies implemented by the successful competitors. Activities like planning a proper budget, depending on the available capital and the necessary investments necessary play crucial roles too.

Thus, we can predict or at least can assume that the future of business will depend on the fundamentals of content marketing. It goes without saying that despite challenges and every potential setback that the industry may at times tend to create, a good content marketer should always embrace challenges and come up with something better, more innovative and creatively appealing with each passing day, so that all business needs and concerns get addressed appropriately.

Author Bio – Jijo is an online e-commerce consultant and an academic writer, currently associated with Top Homework Helper. Apart from being a business consultant and writer, Amy is also a passionate flute player and freelance doodler.

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