Top 5 Email Marketing Predictions for 2019

2018 is out, 2019 is in! It is now the best time to stop for awhile and think about how to change, improve, or upgrade your plan for email marketing. I’m pretty sure that by now, there are at least some of you who are already working on upgrading your email marketing strategy. And that’s great! However, for those of you who need some inspiration to get a knowledge of various aspects of your plans that you should focus on, this article will help you. This article highlights some of the email marketing predictions for 2019. So sit back, relax, read on, and prepare to send your next email movement with high confidence!

E-mail Marketing Predictions for 2019

2018 is no doubt, a glitzy year for email marketing. In fact, there is about 72 percent of consumers in the Litmus’ 2016 State of Email report which states that the email is their number choice when it comes to their brand of communication. Furthermore, also, there are about 225 billion emails that are being sent per day. This is a whopping 5 percent increase from other previous years. Email undeniably continues to play a significant role in the marketing strategies of any brands. Furthermore, it is also the digital requirement for consumers.

As we move on to 2019, there are actually no assurance that the email tactics and the strategies that have already worked in the previous year will still be capable of delivering the same results. How to make the most of the email marketing savings and stay on the leading edge? You may consider the following email marketing trends or predictions, which will impact over the next 12 months.

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Here are 5 of the most staggering email marketing predictions for the year 2019:

  1. GDPR will be creating annoyances for the unprepared marketers.

The GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is actually a European legislation, which forces various businesses to give protection to the data and get affirmative consent for any information they collect from citizens of the European Union. This is predicted to happen in May 25, 2018. The GDPR may impact the transactions, which occur within the member states in EU. Furthermore, they will inevitably impact several foreign brands that sell their products to the European markets. Use of personal data will be treated with more care and this will definitely have a positive impact on marketing campaigns.

All the marketers must need to start preparing now. The GDPR is more complex than it meets the eye. Not only that, the non-compliance may be severe.

  1. The mobile purchasing will reach its tilting point.

Although marketers are mindful of the trend towards the mobile purchasing, there are many brands that continue to tussle with the basics of the mobile optimization. For some brands who are saying that their email is already responsive and has already put the mobile in postponement, it is now the time to develop a broader mobile strategy.

This year will be a tilting point in the mobile purchasing, and those marketers who still stay serious on optimizing emails and mobile purchasing will carry on to win out.

  1. The passive opt-outs will be/continue to be a major challenge.

With lots of emails filling the inboxes, it is more difficult now to keep the subscribers engaged. This year, it is expected that some marketers will continue struggling, while others will be taking the initiative and will be implementing various strategies to stem the trend of the passive opt-outs.

In reducing the opt-outs, the email campaigns must engage the audiences quickly. This is through the use of offers and content, which are relevant to the opt-in path of the individual subscribers.

  1. The kinetic e-mail will transform the look, experience, and the feel of email.

One trend that will surely make you get excited about this year is the kinetic email. This is actually designed to make the emails look like a website. The kinetic e-mail introduces a new layer of interactivity to the overall email experience.

Even if marketers are still working out on this, Nest, Burberry, and Taco Bell are the examples of the brands that use this interactivity in their own inbox. It is actually hard to find them, so make sure to look out for more of these type of emails to land into your inbox in the upcoming months. Check out the example of the kinetic email here.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and automation will make emails more human.

The artificial intelligence will continue to be a hot topic in the marketing industry. Even though the implications of it and the scope of its marketing applications are still quite indefinite. This 2018, marketers will continue to ramp up various experimentation with the automated applications. This is also beneficial in tracking some trigger spam filters, which may impose some potential harm.

Typically, one major benefit of the artificial intelligence technologies is that it makes emails feel more like a human. This is by providing the more personalized type of user experiences through data. Moreover, AI may also help in creating deeper connections with the subscribers.

Automation can be left running in the background, taking repetitive tasks out of your daily routine, while you take care of each customer and impact more personalisation into your email marketing campaign.


We know that changes are the only thing that is constant in this life of ours, and of course, in the email marketing. For over 40 years now, email has already generated great results for the marketers, which evolved the strategies to align with some new realities. 2019 will not be any different. If you decide to stay with the current trends and adapt some strategy accordingly, an email will continue to deliver excellent results for your own brand this 2019 and for the future.

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